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Billing dashboard:


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Whitepapers & Guides -

Ramp-Up Guides (guides to learning the AWS Cloud) -

Architecture examples and diagrams -

Back to Basics video series:

Open guide:

DevOps exercises:

AWS’s Egregious Egress -

Serverless Patterns Collection -

Clean all account resources -

Infracost -

Multiple accounts

Control Tower:

AWS Control Tower vs Terraform -

AWS Organizations: -

Transitioning to multiple AWS accounts (Prescriptive Guidance) -

You should have lots of AWS accounts - - -

Create six AWS accounts (logs, security, shared, dev, stage, and prod) -

  • Logs: AWS Config, CloudTrail
  • Security: IAM Roles, Users, Gropus, MFA
  • Shared: shared Docker images, shared AMIs, CI/CD (Jenkins/CircleCI...)
  • Dev/Stage/Prod: CloudFront, S3, Route53, VPC, ECS, EKS, RDS, Redis, Lambda, SQS, Kinesis, IaC Pipeline, CloudWatch, GuardDuty...


AWS Vault - - Stores IAM credentials in your operating system's secure keystore

List of open source tools for AWS security: defensive, offensive, auditing, DFIR, etc. -

AWS security tool to perform security best practices assessments, audits, etc - -

Analyze your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments -

flAWS challenge (discover AWS-specific vulnerabilities) -


AWS Billing and Cost Management Documentation -

Cloud cost estimates for Terraform in pull requests - -

How do I make sure I don't incur charges when I'm using the AWS Free Tier? (taken from

Enable IAM access to billing

IAM tutorial: Delegate access to the billing console -

Overview of managing access permissions -