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Centrally manage multiple AWS accounts. You can create new accounts, have consolidated billing...

The management account is the account that created the organization. Is at the root of the hierarchy and manages the other accounts.

You can group accounts into Organizational Units (OU). Then we can apply SCP (service control policies) and tag policies to OUs.

You can apply CloudTrail to member accounts. Useful for auditing and compliance.

When you create an account through organizations, it will have the role OrganizationAccountAccessRole, and it the AdministratorAccess policy that give it full admin permissions. See

You need to enable each service you want to integrate at Organizations → Services.

Consolidate billing

Have a single bill on the management account. You only pay in one place.

Aggregate service use to get volume pricing discounts.

  • Paying account. Pays the bill. Is independent, it cannot access resources of other accounts.
  • Linked account. All linked accounts are independent.

All features (SCP and tag policies)