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Apple would be forced to allow sideloading and third-party app stores under new EU law:

Android app frameworks:

Facebook SDK

How to generate Android Key hashes that you need to set in{app_id}/settings/basic/

It's something like g5fGIBgB6noFO9ur78BdEr73KG6=, ending with a '='.

Information sources:

First you need to get the SHA-1. You can get it in different ways:

  • On Google Play. On the left side menu go to Setup → App integrity, then select the tab 'App signing'
  • From the apk itself with keytool -list -printcert -jarfile <my-apk-file.apk>

Once you have the SHA-1 you need to convert it to base64. There are various ways:

  • (ignore the alert 'Warning! Non-hex characters in input string ignored')
  • node -e 'console.log(Buffer.from(process.argv[1].split(":").map(hex => parseInt(hex, 16))).toString("base64"))' 'PASTE_YOUR_SHA1_HERE'