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Developer account:

Register device UDID:

App Store Connect:

How to check or set the minimum iOS supported version: With an ipa file, you can unarchive (it's a zip) you'll get an .app file. Right click to the .app file to show it's content. At the Info.plist, check the field MinimumOSVersion.

DevCleaner for Xcode:


simctl commands: xcrun simctl or xcrun simctl help

List simulators: xcrun simctl list devices

Start a simulator: open -a Simulator --args -CurrentDeviceUIDI <simulator UDID>

Delete unused simulators data in ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices to free up disk space: xcrun simctl delete unavailable. From


Images are located in ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/81F9EF8A-486B-4F85-8BED-7131C2EF0500/data/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/D97F65BC-4921-486A-B89D-9A6ADA5DFC34.

Get a simulator ID: xcrun simctl list | egrep '(Booted)'





CredentialLimit Per AccountApp-specific?Can be revoked with no production side effects?Used at...
Distribution Certificate2Build time
Push Notification Key2Run time
Provisioning ProfileUnlimitedBuild time

Test push notifications on the simulator


Create a file pushtest.apns:

"Simulator Target Bundle": "<bundle identifier of the app>",
"aps": {
"alert": "Push Notifications Test",
"sound": "default",
"badge": 1
xcrun simctl push <simulator identifier> <bundle identifier of the app> pushtest.apns"

Validate apple-app-site-association:

Example of AASA file:

Test deep links (only works on the simulator): xcrun simctl openurl booted ""