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Comment in from (25+ Years of Personal Knowledge Management)

There are several principles that have helped me:

  • Do NOT migrate to new tools, even if they are really shiny and popular - this may end up being a big hurdle you'll regret down the line (looking at you, Notion, Todoist, Google Keep, the list goes on). Just stick to your tools for at least a couple of years before exploring alternatives.
  • Try search instead of organisation. I used to have elaborate folder structures for everything... but have since given up, still keep some basic structure, but I find most things via search anyway.
  • Help your non-technical friends and family. You may have discovered the best clouds, NAS solutions, software, methodology... but they still use post its for passwords and keep family recipes in that one notebook in the cupboard. Guide them, share your subscriptions with them, give them pointers.
  • Use fewer services, even if they are not the best tools for the job. I find it much easier to reason about a handful of storage media (and their backups, pricing etc.) than having an app for every single activity in my life (e.g. I stopped using apps for recipes, I use my synchronised note taking app instead. Same for shopping lists, use my todo app. Etc.)