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Nx Cloud:

Good intro video:

3 different ways to use Nx

$ npx create-nx-workspace@latest

? Choose what to create
Package-based monorepo: Nx makes it fast, but lets you run things your way.
Integrated monorepo: Nx configures your favorite frameworks and lets you focus on shipping features.
Standalone React app: Nx configures a React app with an optional framework (e.g. Next.js).
Standalone Angular app: Nx configures Jest, ESLint and Cypress.
Standalone Node app: Nx configures a framework (e.g. Express), esbuild, ESlint and Jest.

Package-based monorepo

Add Nx on top of a npm/yarn/pnpm workspace -

Integrated monorepo

Standalone app

For a single app, not a monorepo with multiple apps. To modularize an app into packages/libraries/submodules.

Nice explanation:

Notice there's no app directory, but a src directory.

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