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Just a list of some talks/podcasts I've watched/listened, in reverse chronological order. (If I don't write them down I forget.) Note that this is a very small fraction of them since I started to write them recently (2021) and I forget to add them.


Take Data Validation Seriously by Paul Milham, WildWorks

No validation, no data

WWC22 - Qwik + Partytown: How to remove 99% of JavaScript from main thread

Bringing the New React Native Architecture to the OSS community - Fall Edition

Ryan Dahl: Original Node.js presentation

How Does React Actually Work? React.js Deep Dive #1


React Native Radio 222: The New Architecture with Kevin Gozali from the RN core team

Running an SQL Injection Attack - Computerphile

Chris McCord - The Future of Full-stack (LiveView) - ElixirConf 2021

Have Single-Page Apps Ruined the Web? | Transitional Apps with Rich Harris

Elixir 1.13 - José Valim - ElixirConf 2021

Sebastian Markbage: Minimal API Surface Area | JSConf EU 2014

No abstraction > Wrong abstraction. Fewer abstractions, more repetition. Explicit repetitive code. Only abstract to solve bugs.

React Native Radio 172: React Native Ultimate Guide with Mike Grabowski

Cheng Lou - On the Spectrum of Abstraction at react-europe 2016

TC39: How we work, what we are working on, and how you can get involved (dotJS 2019)

Reanimated 2 By Krzysztof Magiera (YouTube)

React Native Radio 164: Another Look at React Native at Shopify with Farhan Thawar

JAMStack Content Management with Scott Gallant, Jordan Patterson, and Nolan Phillips


Why you should make useless things | Simone Giertz

Modularizing Android Applications - Marvin Ramin

Android at Scale @Square by Ralf Wondratschek

KotlinConf 2019: Shipping a Mobile Multiplatform Project on iOS & Android by Ben Asher & Alec Strong

Kotlin 1.4 Online Event October 12–15, 2020

React Native EU 2020

Entrevista a GUILLERMO RAUCH, CEO de Vercel

Dan Abramov - Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel at react-europe 2015

Shopify React Native with Farhan Thawar

Erlang: The Movie

Java, Today and Tomorrow by Mark Reinhold Highlight: 'with Fibers the need for reactive frameworks goes away' (last minute).

Intro to React Hooks Hooks allow you to re-use stateful logic between components

Why SQLite succeeded as a database

Going Full Kotlin Multiplatform

TC39, el presente y futuro de Javascript | WTFront

Ryan Dahl. Deno, a new way to JavaScript. JS Fest 2019 Spring

Solving Problems the Clojure Way - Rafal Dittwald


Rich Harris - Rethinking reactivity

React Native EU 2019: Emily Janzer - The New React Native

React Native: the Past, the Present and the Future - Lorenzo Sciandra

React Native's New Architecture - Parashuram N - React Conf 2018