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Image Formats


I'm happy that Apple hasn't adopted WebP. JPEG XL and AVIF are better formats. Even Google is considering creating WebP2. WebP is already an outdated format (no HDR support), which should just die.


Copied from "From Free Software Supporter -- Issue 181, May 2023"

Google's decision to deprecate JPEG-XL emphasizes the need for browser choice and free formats

Despite Chromium users pleading with Google not to make the decision, in February, Google deprecated the JPEG-XL image format in favor of its own patented AVIF format. Google's stated rationale for the deprecation is that "there is not enough interest [...] to continue experimenting with JPEG-XL." This makes the company seemingly ignorant of the fact that -- on its own issue tracker -- the issue regarding JPEG-XL's removal is the second-most "starred" issue in the history of the Chromium project. What's at stake here is control and freedom. Fortunately, there are things we can do to show "the big G" that we won't be bossed around.