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Doc front matter fields


All options produce the same link.

Important: when using the first option you need to add .md, otherwise you get /dev/javascript/eslint#setup instead of /javascript/eslint#setup.

const sidebars = {
http: [
// There are 2 equivalent ways to make the sidebar label different than the front matter 'title'.
// 1) At the doc front matter set 'sidebar_label'.
// 2) Do this:
type: 'doc',
id: 'http/headers',
label: 'Headers',
// We can have external links:
type: 'link',
label: 'RFC 7231',
href: '',

The generated index route will be /category/aws, and the page is accessible by clicking the dropdown.

const sidebars = {
cloud: [
type: 'category',
label: 'AWS',
link: {
type: 'generated-index',
title: 'AWS',
description: 'Amazon Web Services',
collapsed: false,
items: [
'cloud/aws/aws', // Actual link to this page will be '/cloud/aws'

const sidebars = {
docs: {
Docusaurus: ['docs/doc1', 'docs/doc2', 'docs/doc3'],
Features: ['docs/mdx'],
'Docusaurus Tutorial': [




Routes panel: http://localhost:3000/__docusaurus/debug/routes


This is the message shown at the terminal when you do yarn start:

yarn run v1.22.19
$ BROWSER=none docusaurus start
│ │
│ Update available 2.0.1 → 2.1.0 │
│ │
│ To upgrade Docusaurus packages with the latest version, run the following command: │
`yarn upgrade @docusaurus/core@latest @docusaurus/preset-classic@latest @docusaurus/module-type-aliases@latest`
│ │

You can also do:

yarn upgrade --latest @docusaurus/core @docusaurus/preset-classic @docusaurus/module-type-aliases

Also take a look at the other packages versions:


Uses Infima:


A component can be registered globally so that you don't have to import it on every .mdx file. See docs and this tweet.

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